Eric Vaughn Machine
Aluminum Wheel Narrowing
Here's some of what other folks have said about Eric Vaughn Machine:

"I called Eric Vaughn... he sounds like he knows what the hell he's doin'..."  –Sam I.

"I had Eric Vaughn narrow some aluminum Halibrand smoothies for a car that I am building, they turned out killer. He is a really nice guy and he is a really good machinist. I highly recommend him."  –Jimmy W.

"...he does do good work at a reasonable price. He repaired some Volvo mags for me and they were great and price was great." –TV

"He cut a pair of 10's down to 8's for me and you can't even tell they've been worked on. He took it all out of the backside of mine so from the front they still look like 10's. Give him a call if you decide to cut yours he seems like a super guy."  –Tim W.

“He would not sell any wheels unless they were perfect. A very talented person. Anyone who races an Indian at Bonneville has got to be alright. ”  –Steve A.

(above from Jalopy Journal)

"From there we headed to Eric Vaughn's machine shop. WOW! Every time I go there I am like a kid in a candy store! Machines - wheels - cars - motorcycles - a very cool stop whenever we are in Los Angeles. Eric is such a wonderful craftsman - he does all of our special machine work and widens our Real Rodders Wheels. What a wonderful visit that Pat, Eric, and I had."  –read more from

"That Eric Vaughn weld looks amazine, can't believe it's so smooth."  –from