Eric Vaughn Machine
Aluminum Wheel Widening and Narrowing

Precision widening and narrowing of Aluminum, 1 and 2 piece automotive wheels. Diameters of 14" thru 22" and widths of 4" to 15" can be accommodated.

All work is performed personally by Eric Vaughn to guarantee top quality. 

Narrowing is performed by removing width section, machining the 2 remaining pieces to interlock together, and welding back together using our special automatic rotary welder. Cost = usually $150.00 ea. 

Widening is accomplished by removing normally a 1-2 inch wide piece of parent wheel, including bead seat and flange that holds the tire on, and replacing with another rim section that is longer to make it wider. The new piece comes from an outer shell that 2 piece wheels are made from. The 2 pieces are turned to interlock to maintain alignment during welding. The 2 pieces are then welded together on our automatic rotary welding machine. Final step is to skim cut in lathe the new bead seat diameter, and slim cut mounting surface on back of center. These steps insure a perfect true running wheel. Cost $200.00-$300.00 depending on size. 

Many of our modified wheels run regularly at high speed, such as Bonneville Salt Flats, at 200-400+ MPH with confidence.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not do 6- or 8-lug heavy-duty wheels, nor steel wheels.  Also, we no longer work on chrome-plated aluminum wheels.

For more specific information call Eric at Vaughn Machine (626) 358-6413